One of the questions I often get by friends and colleagues is what podcasts do I listen to? To be honest I am not a big podcast person, I would say I consume audiobooks more. However I do listen to a few podcasts, I would say I listen to probably once or twice a week normally during commuting and occasionally at home. Below are some of the podcasts I listen to:

Reply All is a show generally about things on the internet but is becoming more broad. I have been listening to this for a few years now and is probably the podcast I look forward to the most. That being said, I have been finding it less and less interesting recently, can’t really put my finger on why though. Very solid podcast, interesting topics, great hosts and accessible to non-technical people.

Startups for the Rest of Us is a podcast for bootstrappers hosted by Rob Walling and Miker Taber. The hosts are also responsible for MicroConf and Rob co-founded TinySeed an accelerator for bootstrapped companies. I have learnt a lot from this podcast and it has inspired me to build my own SaaS.

Side Hustle School is a daily podcast about stories about peoples side hustles in a ~10 minute format. Each story goes into a persons background, struggles, income and future of their side hustle. One of the shows biggest draws is that the stories aren’t only focussed on people who work in tech or tech side hustles. The host Chris Guillebeau has written multiple books, most notably The $100 Startup. Very interesting podcast, I don’t listen to daily but binge weekly. I have got some inspiration from some of the stories, I hope one of my side hustles makes it onto the show one day!

Joe Rogan Experience is mostly an interview show, there are a lot of high profile guests such as Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, among others. I listen based on the guest, I probably miss most episodes.

In the past I consumed some other podcasts such as:

In terms of podcast consumption, I don’t think I am as fussy as a lot of users. I use Spotify’s podcast feature for a couple of podcasts but out of convenience the majority of podcasts from iOS Podcasts or iTunes.

Are there any podcasts you think I should listen to? If so, tweet at @DormeoES!