Recently I launched Fit on a Floppy, a tool for determining if a website can fit on a floppy disk (1.44MB). Despite creating a few website tools before, I never really thought about monetization. The pure fact that it scratched my own itch and potentially could be useful to other people was enough for me. However Fit on a Floppy was different, I bought a domain for it, I had AWS Hosting. This was different to my other projects where my only cost was time.

So I thought about avenues for recouping some of my costs, ideally Without adding more value I didn’t see much point in creating premium features for Fit on a Floppy. Github Sponsors didn’t seem like a right fit as my project doesn’t add a large benefit to the open source community. The idea of adding ads didn’t really occur to me as I’ve had average results with Google Adsense in the past. After reading a discussion on Hacker News about Google Ad alternatives, I found about CodeFund.

CodeFund is aimed at developers and open source projects, it itself is even open source. Looking at the example add, I was impressed by how clean it and unobtrusive it was.

Example Ad

A few of the positives that jump out to me:

  • Ethical ads
  • Quick approval
  • Great support
  • Allows fallback ads
  • Easy to use
  • Unobtrusive ads
  • Decent payouts
  • Very slick dashboard

Some of the negatives:

  • Some polish missing on dashboard e.g. login page won’t redirect if logged in
  • A few bugs with dashboard
  • Minimum page views seem high

This of course as at the time of writing and these advantages/disadvantages don’t necessarily apply at time reading. To be fair, I think the problems with the dashboard aren’t a deal breaker and I have no doubt they will be fixed in the near future.

I have made enough ad revenue to cover the financial costs I incurred on Fit on a Floppy, so I am satisfied and anything above that is icing on the cake. I have since added ads onto a few of my other projects but they don’t receive the same type of attention. So far I am happy with CodeFund but I might give alternative ad networks a try in future projects.

This is not a paid review nor do I have any relationship with Codefund.