After a few cold weeks in Melbourne and a few months of hard work I finally get to take a break! As those who know me well will know, a week off work doesn’t mean a week of doing nothing. For this reprieve from work I decided to fly off to a tropical destination and work on my own projects in a coworking space as well as get some rest.

So first thing first, what is my goal for the week? Well for a while I have been slowly chipping away at a Rails/React project, mostly there but needing the final push to finish it up and launch. So I decided to use this week as an opportunity to finally finish it so I can move onto other projects.

What was my setup? Excluding my laptop, my most important tool is a Nexstand which is a godsend to my posture and my back in general. I then use a wireless keyboard and mouse with wireless noise cancelling earphones to help me concentrate. Last but not least, my ever loyal Bullet Journal for keeping track of tasks. It is a relatively simple setup trying to maximum productivity and minimise the burden of too much equipment while travelling.

My Setup

So how did I go? From a friends suggestion I set a goal I wanted to achieve by the end of the week. Before started I then broke it up into smaller goals that would build up to my main goal, trying to achieve a small milestone each day. Over the course of the week I focused mostly on my Rails/React project, I had a few bouts of procrastination to break up my days. I mostly procrastinated on other projects I want to work on, so not a total loss. At the end of the week I managed to mostly reach my goal, I was pleasantly surprised. I also managed to get a fair bit of rest, taking my time to get out of bed and enjoying my weekends.

Despite reaching my goal, there is always room for improvement. So typically I am quite good at git hygiene, however during the course of the week I was a little slack with it. Instead of experimenting with new branches, I had just worked off one which became problematic when I backed out of an idea. I also managed to miss one day as I wasn’t feeling too good, which did put me behind a little.

Overall I am happy with the week long experiment, I highly suggest anyone who is interested to try. We don’t all have to fly to Thailand or a beach in Bali, trying somewhere relatively local with a coworking space or try a staycation in your own city. Beware you can feel as if you didn’t get a holiday, so make sure use your weekends effectively to relax! I managed to get a lot of work done which I have been trying to get done for month and had a bit of fun along the way. However at the moment I am not interested in doing the full-time digital nomad lifestyle but can definitely see the appeal.