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Super Phone

So I am a bit late on this post but for a good reason, Monday I decided to root my phone. Using the word root in Australia is a bit weird, root is another word for sex and saying rooted means it is broken.


Good question, for my ardent readers you may remember in a previous post I talked about not wanting to root my Android device. What changed my mind? Well I was waiting for HTC’s release of an update to bring a newer version of Android, ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) to the Desire HD. But recently I was shocked to find that they had cancelled their plans to upgrade. This compounded with my anger at my phones recent performance I decided to follow this guide and install ICS (Cyanogenmod 9) onto my phone. (I would also like to take this chance to thank attn1 for the Advanced Ace Hack Kit).
Now why root your phone? Well as any tech savvy person who buys magazines will know, there are heaps of advantages of rooting your phone. In fact I googled it and found many reasons and posts (Like this one) stating the facts why you would do it. So I should do the same I guess. For me the reason was that my phone was starting to slow down, I also wanted to make the app I am developing to be customized for ICS as well (More on the app in coming months). Here is a short list:

  • Performance – usually runs a bit quicker, the bloatware is removed
  • Clock speed – you can under or overclock your CPU to increase performance or save battery life
  • Root only apps – some apps require root permissions to work
  • Upgrade – probably the main reason I upgraded, there are many custom roms out there which after rooting your phone you can install
For me it saved me buying a new phone, the new improvement in performance and battery has made it all worth it.

WARNING: Rooting your phone may void your warranty.

Born to be different

I think recently my nerdiness level has been slowly growing, I have been playing around with Linux a lot more and been playing with Virtual Box installing various OS’s. Whilst on the topic of Linux… I don’t see the big problem with Unity on Ubuntu. I think it is pretty and works well enough and it will definitely will attract more users to using Linux, so stop being so hipster. I guess rooting my phone is just icing on the cake. Recently I have been starting my projects and doing a decent amount of work on them. I might be turning over a new leaf, a return to my former nerdiness. In one sense I hope so but on the other hand it means losing out on a lot of things.

Keep an eye for following weeks as I introduce the projects I am currently working on. Most of them involved Android phones and I will be on the look out for people to test my app. So please cheer me on to get them done, otherwise I fear they will not go anywhere. This weekend I will also work on finishing the Alcohol Calculator project and release the source code through my GitHub account, so please watch this space.


Today’s post has been quite short, very late and not very informative but I hope to make these posts go back to being more programming based in the future.


Photos were taken using the inbuilt screenshot function in Android ICS and are of my phone.

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